Changing continent in a bit

My next step is now planned. I'll be leaving Hurghada the 5th or 6th of december to go to my egyptian friends place in Cairo, be there to feel the countryside life of Egypt staying at his farm, riding horses to the pyramids. At 7th of december my plane is leaving Cairo, taking me to Bangkok, Thailand. From Hurghada to Bangkok I will travel with my video team colleague, Will from England. He has already been in many of the places I will travel to, so he is a good guy getting tips from. Im looking forward to backpack with him, my first travel buddy!

When we get to Bangkok we'll stay there a couple of days on cheap guest houses. Will is going south (diving and surfing) and im probably going north looking for work around Chiang Mai and Pai. Or may be I even will find some work or organizations to help around Bangkok, who knows, I will go where the road takes me, cause im need of work to get food and bed.

Internet is slow and hard to get sometimes here in Hurghada, so ill try upload some pictures, update blogs and answer mails as fast as possible, especially before ill go to Thailand where it will be even more lack of internet. Things aint like Norway, I sometimes miss that everything is more proper with things, internet, money, work and so on. But at the same time, I dont miss it at all. Im glad im here and looking forward to get on my "travelfoot". Ill cross my fingers for myself, hope you'll do the same! For me, and for you if you need it;) Good luck (Hazz Sa'eed) to everyone doing exams in these times btw, im doing PADI Divemaster exams, theyre pretty tough, as well as swimming test and diving skills.

By the time I've just moved into my last apartment here with two of my egyptian friends, Ahmed and Said. I feel very appreciated at the same time that I'm appreciating them staying with me the latest days of Egypt. I'm gonna miss Hurghada and my friends here.. Enjoy!

Me, Ole Andreas Vigre and Will at El Harafeesh

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