Malaysia, what a great start!

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (with a small stop in Mumbai) 8th of december and spent 2 nights in Green Hut guesthouse. I`ve been told that KL is not the best city to get a first impression of a typical Asian bigtown, like Bangkok that was the original plan. But Kuala Lumpur was overwelming compared to what I expected. A lot of different asian food, great night life, the Twin Towers (we saw Quantum of Solace in the cinema inside), many nice backpackers at guest house, cheap stores and markets, skyscrapers, Chinatown, salesman shouting at yah, many expensive and styled cars, local people who wants to take pictures of me and so on. I loved Kuala Lumpur, really a nice place to start of.
After two nights of relaxing and working on our jetlag, we took the bus to Kuala Perlis up on the north-west coast. From there we took ferry to the big island Langkawi, where I am now at a small internet cafe, sorting out the different diving centers at the island. it would be really nice to get a diving job since its good money and great diving. If thats not possible, we`ll be trying to get work at others places like restaurants, bars and so on. Something to get food on the table and a place to sleep at night. Now we live in Rainbow Guest House, in a doorm room with 15 others. Really cheap and nice. Just outside the house its nice green mountains, rice fields, water buffalos and local people haning around.. I really like it here. But our dream now is to find a diving job, live on a remote island, get bed and food as payment and enjoy life even more in paradise..
Pictures are coming soon when I get my own computer settled.

My Malaysian mobile number is 0060 017 4560375
Enjoy, K

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