Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Its Christmas day, and im sitting in an internet cafè with my mate Will, trying to send around emails to say merry xmas to everybody. But, with just 3 US dollars left, no ATM's, and internet costs 3 US dollars an hour, and were on a remote island. Were pretty stuck here for Christmas.

But, ITS GREAT. Were staying with a local thai family that runs the local church, and were helping them with the Christmas party. They're inviting all tourists and locals, and throwing a big party with kids performing dances and Christmas songs, the grown-ups are permorming the Christmas story from the bible and the santa clause is coming!!! (And thats me, HAHAHA) Looking forward to please all the kids with gifts they really need. We really like the family, and we have made and gathered gifts from me and Will to each one of them.
If anyone tries to call me, call +60 017 4560375, my Malaysian number.
Yes Mom, im allright;)

I wanna say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody, but I dont have money to send e-mails everywhere, so spread the word. Love you all!

This is btw my first Christmas withouy my family, miss you guys, and without snow, turkey, Østerhus Arbeidskirke (my local church in Grimstad), Østerhus Mannskor synger julen inn and so on. But instead im celebrating Christmas Day on a hot day (34 degrees), wearing shorts, going to church on the beach, have palms as Christmas trees, giving gifts to people who really need things, and theire not getting toys but food and house materialls. And me and Will has gone through our bags to take out what we dont need, and more, to give it away. Christmas is joyful!

After our visum runs out 27th december, we have to get outta Thailand, so were heading towards Kuala Lumpur again at 27th to celebrate New Years Eve there, hopefully. If nothing else comes up on the way... You'll never know!

Ho ho ho, Santa Claus gotta go on some business on Koh Lipe, Thailand.

The church on the beach where im gonna celebrate Christmas, Hope Of Lipe Church.

The kids in the family we stay with..

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  1. Kjære Kjetil,
    Fra Vegårveien 8 vil vi oversende de varmeste julehilsner. Håper du får en fin julefeiring i Thailand. Vi savner deg i Mannskoret i Arbeidskirka, som i år teller 24 trauste menn.
    Se forøvrig din mail (kjetil.astrup@hotmail.com) for mer utfyllende hilsen fra meg.
    Julehilsner fra Åge + de andre i Vegårveien 8

  2. Hei Kjetil!

    Det var koselig å høres fra deg i går. det virket som du og Will hadde en flott juleaften på koh lipe og hope of lipe church. Slo opp øya på internett og det virket som et paradis på jord (http://www.kohlipethailand.com/)
    Juleaften i 35 varmegrader er helt sikkert topp og det er ingen som misunner deg det!! :)

    Ha en spennende reise videre tilbake til Malaysia.