Situation is changed

Thailands airports is closed due to demonstrations, shooting and grenade attacks, so Ill prefer go somewhere else. Hm. I picked Kuala Lumpur, the cheapest and nearest place to my original plan, but the plan had to be changed. Me and Will are going to Malaysia the 8th of december, but our 2-day-Cairo-holiday is of course a priority, so were looking forward to that, especially now that my other colleague Chris from Denmark and his girlfriend will join us there.

In Malaysia we'll sleep at the airport (got 3/3 sleeping rate at www.sleepinginairports.net. hehe) one night and after this sleep in a guest house or something cheap in KL, before we go to the north-west coast to look for particularly diving jobs since were both divers and up for upgrading our certifications and work with diving in Malaysia. If theres no work for us by the time well get some other work so we at least can get food and e bed to sleep in. Im looking forward to Malaysia, since I've already wanted to go there in my other planes, and Will is an experienced backpacker from all over the world, and he have alot of friends around south-east asia, so Ill think we manage! Hehe.

The last week in Hurghada is busy because I have to end all my work here, and get all my preparations ready for further travel. The latest days have been specially good because I've dived with shark in Marsa Alam, got really good close-up pictures of a big oceanic whitetip shark. May be I can upload some at the blogg later. I get alot of jealous people looking at my videoes, good feeling for me, haha.

Ill miss all my friends here, and coming back for sure!

My time at the internet cafe is over, so, enjoy till next time. Photos are coming within the week. And yeah, Merry Christmas to every single one, hehe, its christmas, and tuesday, I didnt know!!!

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