Back to paradise!

I'm borrowing internet at a friends place, and its expensive, so ill just round up whats happening(and therefore no pics):

-Back to Koh Lipe for maybe two weeks.
-Came back here surprisingly for the local family I stayed with last time.
-I live in their own house now, eat with them, go with them on work and watching the kids.
-Been on Johns longtail (father in the house) for two days now, snorkelling and fishing, saw about 100 eagles yesterday eating in the open water!
-Playing beachvolley with locals and tourists
-Snorkelled today alone with 4 blacktip sharks, one huge, almost 2 meter, starring at me, haha. Btw, 2 meter is as biggest as they can be, and I know where to find them, oh yeah..
-Helping locals in my neighborhood teaching english, buyed some books for them in KL
-The next days am I gonna meet some video people, asking about borrowing UW camera, get some free dive, and freelance filming:) Thats life!
-Going to North-Indonesia after the two weeks here, got a job around Medan with Tsunami organization. And a couch to sleep on:)

My Thai number is +660805494458 (no more internet for two weeks, may be three, so telephone there is)

Im having the time of my life on Koh Lipe!
La gawn, K

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei sveis! Supert med ny oppdatering på bloggen. Ser ut til at du liker deg blandt haier,hm... Ta nå ikke noen sjanser gutt. Kos deg på Koh Lipe i lag med din "reserve" fam. Du er god...
    Klem fra mamsen

  2. Fett Kjetil!
    Virker veldig spennende aa vaere der! Naa er det full rulle her i Chiang Mai, ettersom nyttaarsferien er over, og studentene paa universitetet kommer tilbake.
    Lykke til baade i Thailand og Indonesia!

  3. yo Ho!
    Fet! så kult at du lærer bort engelsk å hjelper folk, det har jeg sansen for ;)
    Jeg bestiller tur til Usa nå! møter du meg i florida 16 juni eller... ?

    Maaange helsningar fra Daniel