I've just left Koh Lipe, one of my favorite places on earth. Really sad to leave behind so many friends and my local chao le family. I will definitely go back some time in the future.

I'm now on Penang, Malaysia, a big island outside north west Malaysia, where I stay with a lovely American family that I met at Koh Lipe. They have given me their guesthouse free to use, and I really appreciate their help. Its overwhelming. They also borrowing me their scooter, so I can explore the island and enjoy it better than last time, when I did visa run and was bored at my guest lodge. In some days I will continue to Medan in Indonesia by plane, but first I have to deal with visa papers and internet update.

In Medan I've got contacts with some volunteer organizations, and I'll try to get working there somewhere, just have to wait for answers. Till now I've just worked small volunteer and mostly diving, so I'm excited about the volunteer work now. Especially in Indonesia where I also can work in the jungle.

At Koh Lipe I took the PADI Divemaster course at Ocean Pro Divers as an internship, and I've now finished! That's a big step for me into the world of diving business. I'll probably work DM somewhere in the world the next year to get some further experience. Maybe south-east Asia if I cant find any good or cheap (yes cheap, cause most of them charge you outta your pocket because they have a "research" fee and so on) volunteer work, and this area has some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. And when I get back home to Norway, it would be great experience to work as a green water diver.

So, I haven't unpacked here in Penang, so I don't have my external hard drive here, so pictures later. Sorry bout that..

I miss Koh Lipe!

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