Briefing from marine Tarutao National Park

Hi everyone, days are goooood nowadays.

Just dived at one of Thailands most attractive sites at our place, 8 Mile Rock, and me and my group saw a 4m Manta Ray, a huge lionfish (size of a 10litre bucket), schools of barracuda up to 1,5m, one was actually hooked to a fishing line on 25 meter, and one of the divers unhooked it and let it go... Will probably be the same barracuda he is gonna it at the resturant tonight unfortunately. And we saw an amazingly big grouper, about 3-4 meter, fat and have actually swallowed people alive when theyre this big!!!
An awesome day, especially for me, never seen a manta before, and Will's last day of diving and working with us, did the whole day for everyone. Will is leaving us for doin his instructor on Jersey. I will probably stay here one or two weeks more and work DM, cause the first week in may its a big Chao Le festival here, that I hope I dont miss.

Everyday its beautiful weather, sun and around 32-34 degrees, but today and last night it has been stormy, thundering and lightning all over the place, and I think this is great. What a difference. It changes in like 20 minutes from paradise to storm, and I like rain, reminds me of europe, home, and all the kids playin in the rain. FUN! But all the local women are afraid of thunder, hehe.

The latest days my thumb has seen better days. Ive got an infection from an insect bite, and my thumb is swallowed to the point where I cant move it so much. So been treating myself with hot&salt water, infection cream, tiger balsam and stuff, and I hope its getting better soon. A pain in the ass when I cant use the thumb for anything. But, its getting there.

Next country to visit is Indonesia. Havent really got any certain plans yet, but thats because I just wait for something to come to my mind. Maybe somebody I meet wanna join me, maybe somebody answer my mails and wanna take me in for work and so on. I need a reason to go. And I really wanna see Indonesia. Work, travel, dive, get to know people, off the track, experience new skills, help and so on. Gonna be great!

On my way, I've already tried to start a tiny tiny campaign to help random people in need, so check out www.nowformetoo.com if you wanna help me, helping others!

Coming back soon with pictures. Of both manta and thumb! Hihi.

Chok dee (Cheers in thai, or good luck)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Vannvittig! Sjekka fiska på Wikipedia - sinnsykt. Di'e no heilt anna enn gullfisk i ei bolle!

  2. Hei sveis unge mann! Litt av noen fisk du svømmer i lag med..MEGA STORE. Så heldig du var som fikk se de. God bedring med fingeren. Klem fra mamsen

  3. Det må være tidkrevende å være Djevelskate (som den heter på norsk) å skulle livnære seg på plankton og reker. Da må en være jevn i matfatet, dersom en har tenkt å holde matchvekta over 1300 kg. (-:
    Misunner deg litt den gode temperaturen, men trøster meg med at jeg skal til USA (Washington og Houston) fra 30. april.