For those who havent seen on Facebook that I left Koh Lipe 20may, I have now stayed in Kota Kinabalu with a new local friend.

Not much time to write today, so check this out for the next week:
Started my birthday today (27may) and climbed Mountain Kinabalu (4095m) highest mountain in south east asia. Was first on the top, first on the bottom. Great experience. Exhausted.
Now in Sephilok, going to Orang-utan rehabilitation center tomorrow.
Then to Sukau the day after, three days of jungel trekking, bat caves exploring and river cruise.
31may going back to Kota Kinabalu for a big festival called Harvest Festival, with rituals, costumes, food and entertainment. After all Sabah and Borneo exploring I'll take the plane to luxury in Singapore.

Coming back soon with more details and sweet pictures!!!

Thank you for all birthday messages btw. My phone number in Malaysia is +60174560375

Love K

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