First weeks in Asia & Malaysia

Gigantic Petronas Towers, the worlds biggest twin towers

Me and Will traveled from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur together. Our original plan was to go to Bangkok, but the airport was shut down, so we re-booked to KL. We stayed here about a week doing mostly eating, cinemas, planing and hanging out. We decided to go Langkawi, cause this was the coast with best season, and they had beaches and ocean around, a place we like to stay (Will lives on Jersey now btw, hehe, were island freaks). On Langkawi we stayed at Rainbow Lodge with other backpackers in a 12 bed dorm, and we got some good hangout buddies, went to beachbars and scooter driving. Scooter driving is actually a life-threatening thing to do in Asia because of all the crazy people out there on scooters, that includes me and Will. And there the limitations aint like in Norway where a scooter have to act like a car, drive only 45 km/h and youre obligated to have a helmet. Its especially fun in big towns where you can drive through all the traffic. Ohhh. I miss scooters in Asia.

After not getting anywhere with our future traveling plans we randomly met a travel agent on a supermarket who over heared me and Will talking about what to do. He said to us, "Hey guys, go to Koh Lipe, a beatiful tiny island, almost no tourists, a really remote island and one of the treasures in Thailand. And diving is good". This was now our only option, and we took it. Wow, I did'nt know then, that this island was gonna mean so much to me. Anyway, we asked him about accomodation and work there, and he said go to John in the church to ask about sleeping in the church the first days, and talk to Dave at Ocean Pro about work. Now comes the funny fact; I have now stayed with John and the family in 5 months, and we have now worked at Ocean Pro in the period of Lipe. That is the most random and destiny filled thing that have ever happend to me in life. And im so thankful right now.

We went with speedboat from Langkawi to Koh Lipe and that took about 2 hours. The speed boats in Thailand is btw crazy equipped! One boat with room for around 75 people contains all from 2 to 5 enginges, one engine with 150-200 horsepowers. They go fast! And thats the only gear they use, fast..

Cairo Airport, Will takin one of many naps on the trip

Inside Petronas

Waiting for our bus to Kuala Perlis

Ferry to Langkawi

Looks like its bad weather on the island, but just some clouds hiding the sun sometimes away from 35 degrees!

A nice guy at the lodge, stayed long-term definitely!

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