My last stop for June, NORWAY!

13th of June I went back to my mothercountry Norway. I have realized that all my pictures from traveling in Egypt and Asia is now many many pictures. So I have to use some time to go through ALL of them, but new pictures and new blogging about my travels will come the next days. Alot of good stories and experience is what I've achieved with so much more. I have to write about it, so you understand.

Anyway, if you're in Norway, visit me or I can come to you. My norwegian number is +4791814244. If you wanna travel to Norway, now is the best time btw (summer holidays till end of august), I can help you!

My next travel plan is to Malaga, Spain a week in early July with some of my best friends from elementary school and football team. Only boyos under the sun in pleasant Malaga.

Stay tuned for blogging from this year big trip.

Love you , K

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  1. Velkommen hjem.
    Av og til - når været er fint og jeg ikke er på arbeid - sitter jeg og slapper av på terassen. Kom gjerne bortom... Jeg hører gjerne litt historier fra den store verden.