The start of an unplaned trip around where?

After I decided in 2007 to travel around in the world somewhere, something I've had in my mind for a long time to achieve, I used about a half year to slightly start working on my travel budget, prepare and plan where to go first and get really excited.

At the same time I had one of the best years in my life in my hometown Grimstad with alot of friends and fun. KRIK took alot of my sparetime, and that was really commendable work. I also took a couple of classes at the university so I did'nt loose my role as a student completely. When Christmas and New Year Eve was over and a new year had started, the year I should go abroad, I looked forward to exciting stuff coming my way. I started to focus more on working up a travel budget and physical prepare for the trip. I bought some travel equipment, took my vaccinations, and even got sewing kit from my doctor if I got stuck in the jungle alone with a cut to repare. In the spring of 2008 I had three jobs mostly all the time. In the morning I worked at a disability center for kids, afternoon I went to a childschool and worked assisting there and in the evening I completed the day at a sport shop. It was alot of work beside KRIK, football, having fun (always time to have fun everywhere guys!), family and friends. Me and my bestfriend Ørjan even had time for a trip to Sicily exploring the locations for the recording of The Godfather trilogy (72-90), ranked as one of the best trilogies and mafia movies in history. I will blog this fantastic trip later with pictures.

After about a half year of intense working, summer vacation came upon the norwegian people as every year between June and August. It was time to reunite with all friends studying somewhere else in the country. Summer in Grimstad is THE best place in Norway cause we have a splendid archipelago outside town, boatlife, the most sunny area in our country at summer and everybody is outside having fun. But summer is also a popular time to work substitute for all workers with permanent positions, called summerjob. Its like a race to get a good summerjob every year, and some people change every year. Its good money, and you don't get so lazy. Of course I had summerjob! I also went to concerts and festivals like our local, but big, Skral Festival and had good concert experiences like Madrugada, Kent, Common, Art By Accident, Danko Jones and Turbonegro. Unfortunately Skral went bankruptcy this year, and it made all local souls sad. Check out their webpage for how cool it was!

After a pretty nice summer vacation people go school again half way in august. I went to start my journey with all equipment and brain cells ready. Yes, I bought to much equipment, too much pharmacy stuff and did'nt think, HEY, I can buy this shit for 1/3 in Asia. If you're gonna travel to Asia later, ask me what to take with you, cause man, I gave alot of stuff to homeless and poor people I did'nt need, and it was totally new.

Anyway, I started my journey in Norway. One week train traveling from town to town to visit some of my friends. I had my first day in Kristiansand with a couple of friends, hanging out. Then my train went to Bergen surrounded with beatiful and mystical nature. In Bergen I did also hang out with friends, participated at the local KRIK team and had great fun in one of Norway's best travel spots, but also one of Norway's most rainy spots. That does'nt mather when it got alot of nice sightseeing, nature, city life and the famous "Bryggen" that UNESCO enrolled on the World Heritage List. After Bergen I took Bergen railway to Oslo, which is famous through an american journalist who wrote in the Chicago Tribune that this is the best train ride in the world! Check out "the worlds best train ride" here. The nature is occupied by german backpacker who love the norwegian nature. Often more than we appreciate our own nature. After seven hours I came to our capital Oslo. I hanged out, again (good fun, I can assure you!), with friends.

I will highly recommend everybody, foreigners as norwegians, to travel in Norway. When I was abroad, so many people asked me about Norway, what to do, what to see, what to eat. And when I told all this, showed them the pictures, I realized I have'nt done much of it myself. Like watching the northern light, climb "Galdhøpiggen" (2469m, highest peak in Norway), go north exploring ice, mountains, the local people called samer, eat "Smalahove", head west-coast for diving and surfing and so on. This could take up the whole blog cause its a country ready to explore and not to write about. Check out Visit Norway for more info about traveling in Norway. Its now on my top three list of countries in the world to visit and explore.
Oslo was my last stop in Norway. I went to Egypt after this, since I had a job offer there with a diving center to work underwatervideography. My original plan was to travel South-East Asia the whole year, something like Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore-Philippines-Indonesia, but Egypt changed my plans. I stayed there almost a half year, and traveled to Thailand in December, when the plan was to go to Bangkok. BUT, in Bangkok, they did'nt like the Prime Minister at the time and decided to shut down the airport, not letting foreignes in or out cause of demonstrations. So we (Me and Will from England, another story :)) had to rebook tickets and we went to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, instead. It was a good choice, cause destiny, coincidences and luck took us further.

That is what im gonna blog about now, my last year, filled with traveling, diving, snorkeling, people, food, languages, jungle, crystalwater, cities, stamps in passport and sweat from 95% humidity and so much more. I have alot of pictures, and I have blogged a little bit while traveling, but I dont feel its enough with all the stuff I've experienced. Especially since I did'nt have stabile Internet for almost 5 months in Thailand.

So more to come of what have been, please feel free to comment here or on Facebook. And if you need some travel advices from where I've been or generally traveling, im always ready for a nice cup of coffee and some chatting. More traveling through out the year will also be blogged. Maybe you'll rather join than read the blog :)

Cheers, K

From Skral Festival 2008, "Grimstad"

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