A busy and exciting week full of traveling

I've just been in Poland this weekend on a dive show with HD underwater cameras from Bonica and equipment from Tusa and Poseidon. I stayed with one of the hosts, my instructor friend I met underwater in Egypt, Dominik in Krakow for a couple of days. We went lake diving at Zakrzówek and it was cold and good dives. We also went into a bus on 17 m where the temperature was 4 degrees, buuurrhrhrr. No no, it was good, but cold with only two 5mm wetsuits.
At night my host took me out on a real Polish night, first on a decent Polish restaurant where they presented for me what I chose to call mission impossible, but that typical Polish dish was so delicious! I will highly recommend traditional Polish food for all stomachs. Party life also good in Krakow!
After some working hours, I will upload the promotion video from the recording with HD camera. Stay tuned for video from Poland UW!

Check out my intructor friend Dominik's Diving Center in Warzawa Poland here!

Tomorrow, 2.july, I'll leave for Spain, Malaga. Me and some of my best friends are trying to head for this beautiful place every year. Luckily, one of the guys' family owns a villa there, room for all 10 guys, pool, big veranda, jacuzzi, garden and so on. Its heaven on earth for us, coming there realxing, eating, taning, bodyboard surfing, hanging out, nightlife and fun! We'll stay here for 8 days, and you can follow us here on the blog and check out pictures from last year trip on my Facebook profile. ENJOY summer life scandinavians! Grimstad is btw on of the best places on earth having summer holiday, weird thing we're leaving for other countries in holidays.

Bodyboard surfing or popular called "Boggieboard-surfing" in Malaga 2008

Aquapark fun in Malaga 2008

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