Torre del Mar, Malaga

Me and my friends went to Malaga in Spain at 2nd of July to get some really relaxed, sunny and enjoying days wiht a lot of fun. We're still here, im blogging from the computer we brougth with us and we have a couple of days left. Till now the weather has been perfect but sea water mysterious cold, so we have been hanging out around the house where we have pool, panorama view, tanning spots and a full fridge of delicious drinks and food. We're often out eating, we've been on the beach, hiking to the bull, go-karting, shopping at the mall, today its aquaworld later and we have been to some awesome fiestas as well. So, we're still enjoying, concentrating about having holiday. More pictures and blog will come when we're home, check out these pictures meanwhile.


In the jail of tanning

Karting del Sol

The bull at the coast of Torre del Mar

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