Summer in Norway

The summer in Norway is one of my favourites! In Grimstad we have the beautiful archipelago with islands, boats, seagulls, barbecue, bathing/snorkel and diving, fishing, crab-picking, happy tourists and lovely locals. Usually I work as much as I can every summer, as everyone else at my age, and this summer I worked at a sport shop repairing bicycles. I've actually done that the last 5-6 summers, I kinda like it :)
I also went to Poland to do some diving and Spain for traditional relax holiday with my "homies", pictures and blog under this post for that!
In Norway I hanged out alot with friends and family. I also went to Rjukan to bungee-jump, you can see some pictures of it in my brothers facebook album. Some days I went diving with my Norwegian diving buddies, and I can mention diving like river diving, lake diving, pike-diving and so on. Some days we even go out between 23pm and 2am to go crab-picking. You can do this the traditional way by picking them up with landing net made by chicken mesh, or the modern way (the one I prefer) when you have to snorkel down to grab them or pick them by the surface when they're eating. It's a tough process when its dark, alot of current and it want to bite you cause you're gonna eat him or her later! Crabs got a sweet taste that we in Grimstad enjoy every summer, delicious! Taste even better when you pick it yourself.
I got some pictures from my summer, but not enough. So enjoy the few I got, and I will take more pictures now that I have moved to Oslo, capital of Norway. I'm here to study "alternative film" at the university and work diving in the Oslofjord. Towards spring I hope my application for university in Australia and continue bachelor in film and tv will pass through. Now I hang out in Oslo with friends and its all fun!

Pictures by Liv Astrup

Midsummer Day in Norway

Midsummer Day in Norway

KRIK Arena 2009 - The CHRISC Race (Christian Sports Contact) Volunteers collecting money by running for important work in Africa by KRIK/CHRISC. This is at the summer camp "Arena" in Kristiansand. I was there as film team, making daily videos from the activities.

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