Couch Surfing, the way of traveling

I was introduced to Couch Surfing a while ago, before I left for one year travelling, as a way of travelling around the world.

"CouchSurfing members share hospitality with one another. These exchanges are a uniquely rich form of cultural interaction. Hosts have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world without leaving home. 'Surfers,' or travelers, are able to participate in the local life of the places they visit. We also give more people the chance to become travelers, because 'surfing' lowers the financial cost of exploration." (Info from CouchSurfing)

By having a profile at their network (Couch Surfing) you can search for other CouchSurfer's around the world, especially subtle if you need/want a place to stay overnight, meet the local people, experience the local culture and if you're lucky, the local cuisine! I've only had really, really good experiences on being hosted by CouchSurfer's. I guess you will quickly think this is a good place to bluff people, or it could be potentially boring with who you end up with. But Couch Surfing demands you to make a complementary profile, so people can "get to know you" before you meet and its more trustworthy when other Couch Surfer's have made review of their previous stays at the host. The more you write on your profile, the more friends and reviews you have, the easier it is to get new friends and hosts at CS.
In Asia I stayed with many different people. They took me out to see the city, restaurants, their family, excursions and so on. I am forever thankful for my new friends, and their welcoming hospitality. Actually I almost didn't use any hotels on my trip!
This is the new way of travelling, especially if you're on a budget, cause people don't take money for the accommodation. I hope I can be a host in the near future, in Norway or wherever I may live.

So, make a profile, add me as a friend (kjetta) and do some serious Couch Surfing!

Me and some Couch Surfer's eating on a Muslim restaurant in Singapore, after a CS event at the zoo night safari. CS events is also a great way of hanging out with new friends and if you don't have any plans, just check out the schedule in the selected group for the city you're in!

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