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Did you know that in Taiji, Japan, they are slaughtering over 22,000 dolphins every year for profit?

The gruesome spectacle of dolphins being slaughtered for profit has returned to Taiji, just as international condemnation of the Japanese town's annual cull reaches a crescendo. At least 100 bottlenose dolphins and 50 pilot whales have been taken in the first hunt of the season, which began on 1 September. (From The Guardian)

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It all comes down to money. A dolphin slaughtered for its meat will bring in about $700. Dolphins captured during a Taiji dolphin drive have been sold to dolphinariums for as much as $154,000 per dolphin! The dolphin killers simply would not be able to prosper on the annual dolphin slaughter if members of the zoo and aquarium industry were not paying top dollar for live dolphins.

Cows, pigs and other domesticated animals are also being consumed in great numbers in Japan. If the meat of these animals was contaminated with mercury, methyl mercury and PCBs (which the dolphins mear is containing) the Japanese people and the Western world would stop eating it immediately.
(From SaveJapanDolphins.org)

Maybe its hard to take action, but I just want to enlighten people about the cruelty the Japanese government are doing. Its hard to tell some people what they have to do, if this business is their life, its what they do. But the Japanese government is hiding the detailed truth from them, and the business keeps going. It should be stopped before they get to the extinct limit, like many other animals are struggling with.
Keep in mind that most people in Japan don't even know about the slaughtering.
I fight my own little battle to preserve animals like these by filming them in their natural environment so people can see and learn. We think off dolphins as something extraordinary, beautiful and pure from the blue and they make us happy.

Check out http://www.savejapandolphins.org/ and watch the trailer of the documentary "The Cove".

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