Oslo, my new town!

I moved to Oslo in august because I wanted to experience a new town, not at least our capital. My plans are to head for the land down under, Australia, in 2010, to start my second year of film and tv production bachelor, so meanwhile I wanted to stay where I am now, in le capitalè!
I study only one subject at the University in Oslo, to have some preparation for next studies, and to get more and wider background in film and tv. Therefore "Alternative film" was a good option, its a subject about different films outside the common narrative way of making films. Pretty theoretical and analysing, but interesting!
When I'm not at the few lectures I have I'm at work at Nesodden, work diving in Oslofjorden. Work is fabulous and I got many new days instructing diving. Diving is great, therefore I'm arranging a trip to Hurghada, my ex-working-city. The second week in October me and some friends are going there to do some serious fantastic diving, wrecks, sharks, nightdiving, postcard diving, nudediving?... You name it! Its gonna be a gooood week! Wanna join, call me. Serious!


Cold in Norway!

The Oslofjord

The Castle, King of Norway

Boring day at work?

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