Diving trip to Hurghada

Rigth now im in Hurghada, Egypt, the same place I used to work last year as underwatervideographer. Life is good, diving, sunny days, sunburn, friends, travel companions from Norway, quadbiking, marine life and being on my travel foot again.
This time im traveling with 4 friends from Grimstad, Norway. 3 of them just finish their Open Water license today, and me and another friend is diving every day in beautiful coral gardens, eagle ray, blue-spotted sting ray, crocodile fish, lionfish, nemofish, huge moray eels and maybe sharks later. Tomorrow we wake up early (5am) and take bus to Marsa Alam in south Egypt, closer Sudan, to do some more decent diving. South is famous for special diving, less people traffic, long beaches and more desert. But underwater its getting better and better down the coast, and if were lucky well see dugong, turtle or maybe sharks. I cross my fingers for sharks!!! (Maybe I'll meet my friend the oceanic whitetip!)
I hope everyone back home in Norway and other places will look on the few pictures I've managed to upload, and BE jealous, cause next time im arranging trip to Hurghada you'll probably join! More blogging will come after some more diving and more fun holiday.

See you soon u big baloon!

- K

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