Pictures from Hurghada October

Egypt is always awesome. The trip we had in October was a really nice trip with diving every day, sometimes 3 dives a day (night dive, saw banded and poisonous sea snake). Since its shark season we hoped to see some, but they did'nt show up. Instead we got company by eagle ray, BIG tuna, dolphins and a lot of different fishes. The first days we stayed in Hurghada so 3 of us could finish basic Open Water course and after they became certified divers, we headed towards Marsa Alam, a hidden treasure of diving and staying in south of Egypt. Marsa Alam is a peaceful, hotel free and beautiful place with a lot of good diving spots. We met kind people and even got to see dolphins, from surface tough.
We ate out every day in different restaurants. Delicious food. But Hardee's is always a winner for the burger liker! I recommend Hardee's over Mc'Donalds!
The last day before our flight trip we headed out in the desert again to quad bike. We had a long ride with our own guide so we could drive in certain routes with jumps and stuff. That was awesome! Free riders in the desert, speedy Gonzales! On the way back, Chris misjudged a jump after somebody right in front of him did the same(but managed), and had to jump of the quad preventing the quad to jump on him. It ended up with some scratches and a broken bermuda shorts. Me in the back had a full laugh all the way back :)

I hope there will be more trips to the Red Sea. And I hope more people will join next time cause I wanna show the beauty of diving, especially in the Red Sea and also the life in Egypt.


Travel companion, T-Man

Travel companion, John (Tarzan)

Mustaffa at Aqaurius Diving Club Hurghada, the Open Water Instructor

My diving and travel buddy Chris

Giftun Marine Park

My friend, ex-boss, sister, Nicky and her dawg Blue

Diving in Marsa Alam

Thomas need some nutritions

Hanging out at meeting point Café Sahar Ellaialy with Will Smith look-a-like

Quad bike in Arabian Desert

John forgot scarf :)

Bedouins walking their "dog"

Thomas found a new friend

Chris before the crash!

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