Surf's Up in Stavanger

We travelled from Oslo to Stavanger, east to west, with a goal of catching some waves, but we got even more!

After travelling over 10 hours we finally got to Bore Camping just beside the town Kleppe. We met nice staff at the camping who gave us free camping and hot showers. We are either extremely handsome or its low season. Anyway, its windy of course and we used some time setting up our summer tent. And a summer tent is not that wind proof! And without mattresses it would'nt get hotter. So stuffed with wool underwear, fleece, gloves and sleeping bags I could sleep. The morning after we cooked scrambled eggs on our gas cooking device and hot chocolate. Nice way to start a beautiful morning. Wind was perfect and we geared up to catch some waves. I'm sorry there is no pictures of us surfing, but we did'nt bring our camera man so...

After adjusting us to cold water with 5mm wetsuits we felt we managed some waves and some techniques. When the activity off the day was over included frozen fingers, we headed for steaming showers, reheating and restoring. Sleeping bags are good stuff at critical times like these! We felt like doing something on a Saturday night, except laying in sleeping bag in a non-wind-proof tent, so we drove to Sandnes centre and went on cinema. We ended up watching the new Pixar movie "Up". We got the cinema for our own, 3 grown up guys, half-a-sleep, watching cartoons with soda and candy. Great experience!

The day after none of us wanted to wake up, gear up with cold and wet equipment. The sleeping bag is surprisingly inviting in critical times like these. Luckily, some of us had some dry stuff, but after gearing up and getting into the tight wetsuits, it was'nt that bad after all. It was actually pretty relieving. Heading out early morning before everybody else (the camp was full of surfers only) we could catch some really sweet waves, with better techniques and better motivation. We did even catch a small group of dolphins, cruising by us approx. 100m away.

Im hooked on surfing now. Have to prepare myself for surfing in Aussie. Need a board. Urge to hang loose.


Starting the days with a toast of cough syrup.

Rune's room, the kitchen, the hall, the living room, the exit and our stuff.

Morning face from Moi, good morning!

Morning face from Rune, good morning!

Morning face from K, good morning!

Did'nt know they had asian surfers in at Bore!


New day, old clothes!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Surfing in Aussie land? Er Australia neste reisemål? :)
    Herlig med delfiner og surfing i Norge, det hadde jeg ikke trodd..

  2. GoY! Det er klart kvelden i Sandnes ble suksess. Alt i Sandnes er mildt sagt en suksess..