Tourism and its qualities

This saturday its the annual Reiselivmessen (Tourism Fair) where I as a passionate traveler and explorer gonna participate to be influenced and gain knowledge. Im looking forward to see bits of corners around the world compressed into a hall of colours. Now its high season for Norwegian youth to go travelling. I will be pleased to outline for advice and tips on your travels! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about traveling after the fair.

"I want to go to new places in a way that gives me a better experience, not to go as an observer but as a participant. Get off the tour bus"
- Boyd Matson, adventure jounalist

Headhunters Tribe, Harvest Festival in Borneo Jungle

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  1. Like the quote :)Could not agree more !

  2. Bra skrevet! Får lyst til å pakke sekken selv igjen av dette! men som du skriver....pliktene kaller... sukk..

    Men flere turer blir det!

    Rock on! ;)