The Red Sea 2010 anyone?

I´ve been thinking about planning a new trip to Hurghada/West-coast Red Sea this spring, around april. It will probably be a one week trip with diving, desert excursions, arabic/restaurant food and a lot of fun ! Last time we went in October 09, it was an awesome trip with people who took the diving license and others that just did diving. Not all of us knew each other before we left, but it became a great holiday and we got to know each other very well!

About the diving in the Red Sea, long story short, its top class of the world. The colors, coralls, fishes, marine creatures you have never seen before and the daily sun makes this the perfect place to take your diving certificate or upgrade it, at really decent and cheap prices with flexible norwegian instructors.

If you´re interested, leave me a message at Facebook.

(Check earlier posts of the trip in Ocotober, or pictures on my Facebook profile for earlier times I´ve been in Egypt traveling)

Giftun Marine Park

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