Backpackers delight

Summer vacation is still far ahead, but tickets are finally booked! We're going abroad in two months, traveling Bali, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Gili, Bangkok, Cambodia, South Laos, Vietnam, South-Thailand and then Malaysia. Sounds exquisite :) Can't wait to buckle up again heading for adventures. And flight tickets, only 3000NOK !!!

Meanwhile, we have a lot of work going on at uni. Hence the long vacation (5nov-28feb). Next week is tuition free week. Gonna spend that week to do assignments, since we want to spend all the other time on our shortfilm. It's going to be awesome! Check out Facebook group for our shortfilm: Restare Uniti.

I have to get back to my Rough Guide, have a sneak-peak about climbing Mt. Agung or sea kayak at Gili Islands or yawning under the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I guess I have to postpone most of planning until November :)

Picture by K

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