Look at my awesome travel buddies!

I've planned the trip really careful in terms of climate, time and things to do. Check out my draft on budget and travel map. Maybe you have any suggestions en route or some updates to my budget. Feel free to comment! We're in Bali, Java and Gili the first 3 weeks, then Bangkok for a couple of days meeting Markus' uncle and aunty, then south and west Vietnam 1 week, then south-Laos for 1 week, then Siem Reap and around for 1 week, then South-Thailand for two weeks and at last KL for a couple of days.
This time I have the honor of being joined by some awesome people. Markus (my classmate here in Perth) and Maria (Markus' friend) from Norway are coming along for the whole trip. Anders, my buddy from scuba work in Norway, is joining Indonesia. Sarah, my swedish friend in Perth, is joining South-Thailand and Ane, my norwegian friend and surf-buddy here in Perth is joining Bali! 
Since I've been some of the places before, I figured we could pass by some old friends as well. We're leaving in one month :)

The Chosen Ones:

Picture by Kjetil Astrup
Ane, Surfgirl, is meeting us on Bali for New Year's Eve :)

Photo by Kjetil H. Astrup
Anders D., Scubalover, meeting us in Indonesia

Maria, the Trip-Defender... joining the whole trip, directly from Norway

Photo by Kjetil H. Astrup
Markus, the Karate Kid, have been helping me planning some of this trip and will come for all days!

Photo by Kjetil H. Astrup
Sarah, the Middle-East-Swed, is hitchhiking with us from Cambodia to South-Thailand and stays with us there!

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