Hi peps!

We're at Bali, Kuta Beach. Arrived yesterday and went looking for cheap hostels right away. Was nice seeing Anders again and meeting Maria for the first time. We've had an awesome time till now, I think we really fit together for traveling. Today we've booked a ticket with speedboat to Gili Islands that leaves tomorrow around 8am. We're staying on Gili until Wednesday when we head for Mount Rinjani and Christmas Eve (24th for norwegians). Meantime on Bali we will go to a reggae bar tonight with live music and we've warmed up in the pool at our hostel. The cheapest hostel we found (high-season) is 45NOK per person with fan and private toilet/shower. The pool made our decision easy! We also met Martin from Austria at the airport who we shared a taxi with and now live together at the hostel. Rigth now we just ate Indo food together, but tomorrow we will leave him because we go Gili and he goes Sydney for New Years Eve.

Pictures coming when we will arrive on Gili. Plans, snorkeling, diving and sea kayak. Manta ray season!!!

Have a good one :) K

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