Presenting the Komodo dragon

Since we're not longer going to the merciless volcano pit of Java (see previous post Java vs. Flores), we're heading for a Komodo hunt by camera starting from Flores to Lombok.

Catch a glimpse of the Komodo dragon from BBC's documentary here!

With Perama sea cruise we're going to have an adventure for three days on one of their "cruise" boats. Sleep under the stars on deck, fishing at day, eating Indo food, looking for Komodo's, snorkelling at coral reefs, swim under waterfall, meet local village people and do some serious island hopping (preparing for island hopping in South-West Thailand later). All the way down to Lombok where we have planned a 4 day trip up the majestic Mount Rinjani, Lombok's highest peak. This is where we're gonna celebrate Christmas, and life itself. The hiking trip will include our guide, fishing rods, tent and cooking gear!

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  1. Yeah! Vi er muligens paa Gili, Lombok eller Flores samtidig! Vi har ingen fast plan ennaa, men plutselig sees vi :) :) GOD TUR!