Leaving tomorrow for our long awaited trip

We've finally moved out of our apartment at Bislett, Oslo and this is whats left, a plant.

We've spent the last days in Grimstad with our family and tonight we're heading for Oslo to have fun with some friends before departure on tuesday 07:00 from Oslo Lufthavn. Here is our itinerary so far:

10-18 Sept: Corsica (50th Birthday Party for Alexandra Chamorel)
18.Sept-2.Oct: Honeymoon
3-9 Oct: Liveaboard/White Shark diving at Guadalupe Mexico
10th of October: Fly to Cancun
15-17 October: Playa del Carmen / Sidemountdiving in the cenotes

From 18.october we don't have much plans beside DEMA Show (the worlds biggest diving exhibition) in Florida from the 4th - 10th of November.

We can now admit that one of you guys have guessed our honeymoon destination! That means we are going to one of these places in a week :)

Alexandra Chamorel: Maldives
Patrice Chamorel: Koror (Palau)
Steven Astrup: Fatuhiva (French Polynesia)
Liv Hoskuldsen Astrup: Honduras
PY Balsiger: Brazil
Fabienne Balsiger: Argentina
Mads H. Astrup: Aruba
Lorène Chamorel: Socorro Island (Mexico)
Ørjan Kronheim: Fiji
Preben H. Astrup: Papua New Guinea
Eli Syltøy Astrup: Tonga
Tarjei Solvang Tjønn: Cenôtes/Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Åsmund Lindemann: Florianópolis (Brazil)
Noi Saikham: Koh Lipe, Thailand 
Cristiana Ranchi: Trieste, Italy
Gonzalo Fiane: Costa Rica
Mark Welch: Galapagos
Anders Degerdal: Cocos Island
Laetitia Balsiger: Mauritius
Frances Elliott: Antarctica
Ole Solheim: Nesodden, Norway
Steve Groberty: Belize
Lisbeth Hurvedal: Island/Finland
Kathrine Løsnesløkken Bamle: Hawaii
Helene Rødland Refvik: Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Simon Carr: Raja Ampat
Anne Gerd Eide: Koh Lipe
Nina Camilla Fosslie Moe: Chile
Siren Ingebrigtsen: Gili Trawangan
Abdul Kentasa: Thailand
Sindre L. Torjussen: Venezuela
Espen Seng: Koh Lipe

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