Hawai'i - a true rainbow paradise

Aloha! First of all, in the blog we can't post many pictures cause we're mainly shooting in RAW files (that means the picture size are usually 30mb - takes lots of time to upload). 

Surfers capitol up North Shore on Hawaii

We've been on Hawai'i since the 19th of september and we're spending our last days until departure to San Diego on the 2nd of Oct.

Hawai'i met ALL of our expectations, and more. The first days we stayed on Oahu, landing in Honolulu. As many of you may know we're sort of having our honeymoon on Hawai'i but its not a normal honeymoon. We're doing it the way we want - backpacker style. That means CouchSurfing, camping, rucksacks and (kinda) budget-wise. We love this way of travelling and thats why we spent our 3 days on Oahu with Riina and Daniel, our american/estonian CouchSurfer hosts. 

They live close to the airport/Pearl Harbor since Daniel works in the US Military. We got our own room at their place and they we're really flexible on us coming and going as we wanted. Anyways, we went with their plans so we've been on the private army beach where they had an awesome beach restaurant with local beer and happy hour. Our waitress was high but the sunset was magnificent. 
The next day Riina took us to see the famous Honolulu city and Waikiki Beach, the homeplace to the infamous Hawaiian "Duke". Read all about him, awesome legend. Waikiki was crowdy but nice to put our feet in the sand for the first time. We bought an ukulele, had an introduction course and ate some homemade japanese noodles. Hawai'i inhabitants is all mixed hawaiian, japanese, mexican, americans and caribbean. That's why we've been eating so much asian until now.
The last day on Oahu we went on a roadtrip in Daniel's Ford Mustang. This american machine took us all around the island clockwise. We saw some spectacular surfing beaches up North Shore, we passed the Dole plantation and had some excellent sushi with ahi ahi fish at the neighbor village, we visited a japanese buddhist temple, I swam in the cockroach bay and the pacific road was magnificent. Thank you so much Riina and Daniel (and the dogs) for some great days on Oahu and excellent hosting.

Waikiki Beach

After Oahu we took the 40 minutes plane to the Big Island or Hawai'i as its locally called. We rented a car, on the website we chose the wild card and ended up with a Ford Crown Victoria, a typical american police car (like the one Jake Gyllenhaal drives in The Prisoners - we saw that movie on the cinema on TBI (the Big Island), had to do a double feature cause it was to scary/sad to go to bed after that one). For a week on TBI we camped in the car, we literally slept in the car since it was ok big seats. We couldn't stretch out our bodies all the way in the car but it was nice to have a vehicle and accommodation for 40$ a day for 2 persons. This way we actually roadtripped all of TBI too. We spent most time in Kona,since its such a cosy place by the ocean but we also visited the famous and lava glowing volcano, the "worlds highest mountain" Mauna Kea" (taller than Everest if you don't count sea level), diving with turtles (we hired gear and had it in the trunk with us, go cheap/private diving), local mini-beer-brewery in Wamea, seen the stunning view at Waipi'i'o, spent some Mai Tai happy hours down in Kona, had excellent local Hawaiian food at Super J's and Kava Bar and seen some movies at the local cinema (of course). TBI is probably our favorite island with so much to see and experience.

After camping in the car for a week on TBI and crashing on Riina and Daniel's futon on Oahu we thought it was time to lay on a bed for a change. Therefore we booked a night on a hostel when we arrived on Kaua'i - the Garden Island of Hawaii. We will spend the 3 last days of our Hawaiian trip on this lush island (where it actually rains more than Bergen, whaaat?). Our first day we ended up in Kapa'a where we found a very nice backpacker hostel (not many of those on Hawaii). The hostels on these islands are a lot like the ones in Asia but much more pricy. Here we payed 60$ for two people in a room, in South-East Asia we would pay 12$ usually.
Kaua'i is one of the islands we looked most forward to, the nature here was the sole reason why we wanted to visit Hawai'i. That's why we invested some hundred dollars in a helicopter trip to see the canyons, the volcanoes and not at least the ocean cliffs. All these stunning scenes are filmed several times by Hollywood on Kaua'i in movies like Jurassic Park, Avatar, Indiana Jones and so on. This was a dream come true, I even had to share a tear when the pilot turned on the Jurassic Park theme song in my headset, it was that spectacular and breath taking, I tell you - I would do a double feature here too. Now I even crave more for a cinematographer job on a big film.

The next and last days we're CouchSurfing with Rick at his home in Lihue. He is a retired doctor from New York and has welcomed us to his beautiful home. Tonight we're going out on a dinner together.
It's true, Hawaii is full of rainbows.
Hanging out with our awesome CouchSurfer host Riina (to the right) and another CS from Aussieland. 

Sunset at Army Beach on Oahu.  

Sunset at "the top of the world" - Mauna Kea mountain/volcano
 Jungle everywhere around the roads south on TBI

 The cliffs and coastline of Hawai'i is astonishing almost anywhere you go (north-east side of TBI)

Waip'i'o valley viewpoint, private area down in the valley where locals grow the same vegetables as they did back in the days

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  1. Hei hei kjære brudepar :) skal si dere opplever mye. Det er gøy å følge dere på bloggen. Så flott at dere treffer så hyggelige og gjestfrie mennesker. Det virket spesielt spennende med helikoptertur, det var nok en fascinerende opplevelse. God tur videre :) have fun :) take care of each other. Klem