Belize - A very Caribbean country in Central-America

Belize is a very strange but beautiful country in our eyes. It feels like walking around in Africa in the middle of "Latin-America" but people are talking kreol. "Ya wand sam of dat blak staff man?". And we finally fulfilled our sailing dream by sailing from north to south in Belize, the Caribbean!

The "backpacker-route" from Mexico goes to Belize through the island called Cay Caulker, this is where we met lots of backpackers hanging out at the bar Lazy Lizard in the end of the island, near the split to the neighbour island. Here we saw a dugong from the jetty, swam in the current and enjoyed the infamous Caribbean rum in a punch called Panty Rippers. 

Lazy Lizard

The day after we rented a kayak to find the "mysterious" crocodiles that the locales said were hiding in the mangrooves covering the neighbour island. We had a very nice paddle in the sun and saw some beautiful anemones in the shallow seagrass. Also, we heard a croc in the mangrooves, very exciting times in the small kayak!

Paddling with Cay Caulker / Lazy Lizard in the background

We lived in a nice colorful hostel on the beach where we met people from Argentina. Now we've promised them to come try out the real Angus beef!

We spent 4 days on Cay Caulker before the rain and low season drove our minds to the ocean and what layed beyond this very lazy island with only golf cars.

The best thing about traveling low season is few people and lower prices. But sometimes you get some exciting rains showers which lasts for 30 minutes. At night, they might last longer.

We met captain Roy from Little Kitchen sailboat and discussed our sailing plans. He could take us from Cay Caulker to Cay Tobacco and last but not least back to mainland Belize in the city of Dangriga. We met two swedish, Ylva and Philip, who wanted to join our adventure.

While gearing up for the 3 days sailing trip I asked Roy if we could learn a little bit of sailing as well. He was very happy to have "energy" people onboard so I helped wherever I could, especially since the deckhand was small and had problems handling the ropes and the heavy anchor himself.

Mél used a lot of "energy" in the sun, tanning with her Hawaii Special Bronze Oil #6. She also finished her Hunger Games books, very eager to see the new film in the end of November.

The former ex-convict, marihuana farmer and fisherman is helping on the boat and is Roy's right hand. He is the best at cleaning fish!

The first night we spent on an island for ourselves, a paradise island totally alone! But, the low seasong kicked in at night making our tent difficult to sleep in with all the rain but we were allright.

The days blessed us with sun and enough wind to sail without an engine, total tranquillity.

In the afternoons we had to spearfish the dinner ourselves, what a life! We catched 16 fish, 5-6 lobsters and lots of conch. Conch is delicious calamari looking meat. It was a blessing freediving the reefs of Belize and cathing your own food. Roy cooked sweet garlic butter marinade with the fresh lobster, how much better could that sailing trip be?

The last island we slept at, Cay Tobacco, had around 30 locals living there. We put up our tent as usual and were hoping for a good night. But, it was a disaster. We woke up in the middle of the night, 2 cm of water inside, walls glued to our bodies and the tent collapsed on top of us. We had to run for the boat and sleep like "sardinds in barrels" with the boat crew, Roy and the marihuana farmer.

Lots of stingray in the Caribbean, they are very used to humans. This one came all the way up to my feet, wanting to chunk on them.

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