Guatemala - The urban centre of the Maya civilization

You won't Belize it but we finally made it to Guatemala! I hope you will enjoy the guided trip with us and if not...well..Guat'ever! ;)

Fun Fact:

Guatemala means the “land of Trees” in a Mayan tongue. It still has the largest protected tree reserves in all of Central America.

Here we are, after so many wet nights in Belize, we finally reached a lovely Mayan home-stay in the small village of El Remate, north Guatemala.

Those people welcomed us as if we were familly, even though we did'nt quite speak the same language.The official language of Guatemala is Spanish. However there are still about 21 different varieties of original Mayan languages spoken by natives.

As you can see on the picture above we had a typical room, nothing too fantasy but very comfortable.

Welcome to the kitchen and the dining room of the house.

After a good rest we went to visit the amazing place of Tikal, One of the largest Mayan ruins left in central america, wich is also an UNESCO heritage.

Tikal Temple I rises 47 metres.

And wet again ;)

Ok that's enough of the smart stuff, let's have fun and move on!

So we took a "chicken" bus for about half a day to reach Semuc Champey. The ride was a bit bumpy but sooo worth it! Unfortunately we don't have pictures of our amazing cave experience there, but let me try to explain it to you.

We were given some candles and we walked through some semi-wet caves (the cold fresh water were up to our hips, or to the neck for small people like me) and we made our way, up and down the cave, to a big water fall inside the cave. We went through the dropping curtain of the waterfall where you literally receive tons of water on your head. Coming through we finally had to do a 2 m jump into a small pool. And all that just with a candle light. AMAZING!

During the evening we got to enjoy the favorite restaurant of the locals. We found it because of some kids kindly took us there. The town of Lanquin, where we slept, demonstrated against the governments high electricity bills, therefore the government just shut all their electricity leaving us in the dark! Here eating with Andrea and Mickey. Picture by our 5th member Enrique Blanco.

Our next destination was Antigua. Another UNESCO heritage.

Guatemala has the largest collection of UNESCO heritage sites in Latin America; Antigua, Archeological Park, the ruins of Quirigua and the National Park of Tikal

''Volcán de Agua'' in the background

There we got to celebrate the American Halloween on the 31st of october.

Hidden Piniata for the grown up kids and candy lovers.

The day after we got to celebrate the traditional Day of the Dead, where every Guatemalan goes to the graveyard to cover their relatives tombs with flowers and fly some kites. The city organize those huge kites that you see on the picture, not to fly but to stand right up. They fly kites to be as close to heaven as possible.

Before heading any further we took a day trip to Chichicastenanga, the BIGGEST market in Guatemala. We tried a lot of interesting food, for example a soup with beans and chips inside. Strange but surprisingly good :) And of course (as on the picture), the favorite of all Central-Americans, TORTILLA!!!! Ole!

Time to buy some souvenirs as well. Shopping!!!!! ;)

After some good times we went back on the road to explore again! The long bus trip took us to this little paradise called Lake Atitlan. In the middle of mountains and volcanoes lays a couple of beautiful villages.

The cutie on the picture is waiting for her mum to wash the daily clothes in the lake and her sister who already knows how to swim.

Our last but not least travel in Guatemala are the amazing streets of San Pedro and Panarajel.
This is where we had our favorite coffee in the world (Guatemalan coffee from Atitlan) and some quite good burritos.

What we loved the most was the astonishing view of the volcanoes. Just wish we had more time...

But time to fly to Florida for DEMA show... See you on the next blog post for new adventures and enjoy these last pictures of beauty ;)

San Pedro


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