Costa Rica - Iguana in your garden!

From Nicaragua we arrived in the town of Nicoya to make transit for our later travels to Ostional Beach, Pacific coast. Luckily and unfortunately we came here on the 12th of December, on the Festival de La Virgen de Guadalupe.

This celebration is a parade with marching bands and fireworks. We experienced the drumline band on the arrival night, a very cool way of drumming which reminded me of the Hollywood movie Drumline. But the morning after the actual celebration starts 4 in the morning !! We woke up jumping when two bombs went off, every 15 minute they blow off 2 bombs and then 5am the marching band strolls through the whole town. Ahhh, not a good night sleep but an experience for sure.
A parade to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe
A parade to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe

The explorer beard had to go off, 7 dollar it cost me and a lot of work for the machine.

Making our way to the coast town Nosara we observed a lot of wildlife. This is not pictures from a zoo, its the nature of Costa Rica. Here a howler monkey, making weird noises in the morning.

Iguanas are everywhere, big or small. Here is one guy who likes to bite his girlfriends ear.

The orange one lived in our neighbors garden, around 1,2 m long and furious.

Arrived at our final destination in Costa Rica, Ostional Beach, the most unique turtle beach in the world. Here you can be lucky to experience the natural phenomenon ''arribadas'' when hundreds of mother turtles arrives on the beach at the same time to nest. Here I'm chasing of the vultures from the turtle egg nests.

We spent 3 days here filming a turtle documentary.

On turtle watch in the sunset. Turtles are best seen in the dark when the temperature is cool and predators can't see you. Usually the turtle watch is from 9pm to 5am.

We have to mount red plastic on our head torches so the turtles won't see our light. Therefore we can see them without disturbing their navigational skills. Chris, a German biologist is escorting us around on the beach to get the best footage.

Finally, somebody calls us on the walkie/talkie, a mother turtle is surfacing. A true wonder we experience, a mother turtle nesting at night, alone with us, the filmcrew. She lays around 100 eggs while she is in totally trance. We have to be careful though, not to put our lights directly in her eyes.

Filming with red lights, changing the white balance on my camera to make natural colors.

We have never had a "turtle moment" like this before, a very good experience which you can't understand before you've done it. Some people say that to help a baby turtle to life is a life-changing-experience.

Staff from the turtle project are taking notes to do research on the very declining species. When they started the projects the Pacific turtle species was already declined by 95% !

Panama next and 3 days diving on Coiba Island. Only 21 hours in the bus first.....

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  1. What an awesome experience!! Looking forward to see the footage!