Honduras - New President

As we got to Honduras the new president was about to get elected. Bad luck for us, that means less buses and no beers for aperitif in the whole country!

But lucky and positive as we are we will make it anyway ;)

As we arrive with the bus, by night, to Choluteca, we met an awesome local cowboy who took us around the city, found us a cheap hotel and beers for aperitif.... What a good start!!!

So there we are on our first time in the capital Tegucigalpa, heading for the cinema!!!! This turned out to be the best cinema EVER! Trust us, we are expert! Just look at the seats, and the screen and sound are just as good!!!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!! 

After all we decided to cross the country, to the Caribbean side, to reach the famous island Utila. 

Here we are on Utila, loving our way back under the sea. Diving again feels good, the sun is shining and we almost think of staying here for a while and maybe even work.

The day after we meet Norwegians that have a spa " floating Utila", an awesome experience that we recommend to everybody. So lovely people, we even got to eat "rosin boller" in their beautiful house. We just felt home for a day.

Finally got to use the burgundy socks "business socks". 

And suddenly everything changes. The rain start strong and continuously on the island. The streets turned into rivers and we were blocked on the island for 3 full days.. Seriously boring, but luckily we had those awesome playing cards, that I didn't carry all the time for nothing ;)

At the end we made it with a 5 seats plane, that cost us double than the boat, but rather be out of there and experience more than stay and wait for the boat to go again!

On the road again, crossing the whole country, heading for Nicaragua!!!! 

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