Nicaragua - Don't miss Mr. Crusoe on his horse or Crusoett on toilet!

Still hunting for more adventures, here we are in beautiful Nicaragua! We mostly spend our time on the beaches but we also visited some cool cities, stunning volcanos and chilled on a Robinson Crusoe island on a lake. Let's see the pictures... ;)

Here we continue our little story with the "rescue baby turtles" documentary at Rancho Tranquilo, Jiquilillo.

See how cute they are...how can we not help them?!

Right now the babies have to walk a certain distance to expand their lungs and set their internal compass.

Whaaaaaat Robinson on his horse!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!

I'm on a horse!

Horseback riding on a beach. CHECK ;)

Masaya volcano just outside Granada is one of the most active volcanos in Nicaragua.

It also continually emits large amounts of sulfur dioxide gas, which stinks fart!

Little trekking to see it from above with sunset, beautiful landscape.

At dark we went to the lava tubes... FULL of bats...grrrrr.

Hahaha, is Crusoe scared of bats?!

After-exercise-comfort with ceviche and local Nica food.

Micheladas for the new mexican girl.

Let's enjoy cultural dances during dinner.

And make some noooooooise!

Thor Heyerdahl or Robinson Crusoe? On the way to the volcanic island Omotepe, in the middle of a freshwater lake.

Adventurers sink.

Adventurers showe.


And adventurers toilets ;)

 Ok thats enought personal stuff.. Back on the road again heading south. Crowded on chicken buses but it only costs 2 dollars.

San Juan del Sur. Cozy relaxing place. Good surf, volleyball and delicious fish tacos (its not shark tacos like in Mexico!). Travelling with Josef from Sweden and Greta from New York.

But let's keep some adventure by riding awesome motorbikes!!! Fun!

Aperitif time on Playa Mardeia.

Surfers bench only.

Gotta love the trees around here.

Good night and goodbye Nica. Heading for Costa Rica :)

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