Switzerland - Flying home for Christmas and apartment in Norway

Traveling Central-America we realized that coming back 1 week before work is not enough time to buy and move into a new apartment in Oslo. Therefore we changed our plans and surprised our family in Switzerland for Christmas! 

Nobody knew we were coming home, they were expecting us home 1st of Feb in Norway! Our flight was directly from Panama City to Amsterdam with KLM, great flight company - except the european food messed up my stomach. From Amsterdam we had a connection to Geneva, from the airport we took the train to Mélanies nearest town, Vevey, and from there we took a taxi to her parents house. Our hearts were beating faster the closer we got the to house and the surprise was successful and very much appreciated by our family, a blessed holiday to come home to. 

Looking forward to go home on the plane when nobody home knows were coming

One excited girl

Cheese fondue, of course! Its Switzerland.

No snow down by Lake Geneva, ok let's drive 1500m up to the Swiss Alps and ride the powder

Christmas at the Balsigers in the scandinavian chalet.

Snowshoe walking, the winter fashion these days

Lorene with her new ski

Waited 2 hours in line to get our daypasses

Lorene received a Freitag bag from us for her birthday

Switzerland in a nutshell!

We went to Norway for New Years Eve and in January we are moving to Oslo to our new apartment :)

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  1. Take your time. There's certainly enough of a moment for nature and your family and friends. The house is going to arrive, no matter what. And by that time, you will have already considered the aspects you need for a good apartment, one that's worth settling and that you will keep up to for the rest of your days.

    Ronnie @ Sycamore Terrace Temecula