Dubai - Not what we expected

Dubai surprised us in a good way!

This time we were actually sent there for a job. I was a bit sceptic about the place. I imagined a city for rich people, lack of culture and charm. In my head this metropolis was nothing else than the fruit of rapid enrichment and megalomania. But I was wrong!

Of course, theres some truth to my pre assumptions. I mean…The tallest building, the indoor ski resort, an aquarium in the mall…What is it, if not an overflow of money ?!?

Still, this city has a lot to offer for both flash- and backpackers. That's what we discovered…

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PS2: At the end of this blog, you can see a mini video filmed with my phone, based on the concept of a few minutes each day! Enjoy ;)

Let's go...
The best way to get submerged in the culture right away, take Emirates :)

7 hours direct flight from Oslo, Norway to Dubai

Arriving around midnight, we went straight to bed. (Crown Plaza) Very nice place to stay, near the metro and close to center.


So far, what I had in mind. But then...

Our 1st day was quite cultural. That is because we arrived near the date of the National day (2nd december). We recommend to always travel on special events, dates. That way you can enjoy local festivities and traditions such as fabulous dances, people decorating, local food, good mood..etc.

For this occasion, United Arab Emirates 43rd anniversary, Dubai city invited the best graffiti artists in the world to create the longest graffiti ever made, measuring 2,245.40 metres in length.

In this picture you can see the "taxi boats" crossing the river which brings you to the old city and the souks (markets)

Al Bastakiya (Old Dubai). Wandering around you discover an amazing culture and architecture. I was HAPPY! ;)

A beautiful mosque, decorated for National day.

My favorite part, the souks!!! You can find the "spice souk", "gold souk", "textile souk" and the "old souk".  So if you're like me and like the markets, there is quite a bit to do.

Amazing and helpful people, even though it were not many native (about 17%). 

In the evenings, we tried to always catch the twilight or the sunset to capture good pictures of monuments.

Our days were filled up. We had many places to visit in a very few days, working 9 to 9. We worked and moved around the city from early morning to nighttime. Of course, when we needed a little pause we stopped in the local restaurants for refreshments and shwarma (best known as the local kebab)

A cafe/restaurant in old Dubai called "Al Bait Alqadeem"

National day parades

Now that we've done all the "cultural" and "old stuff", we were ready to see the "modern Dubai". The part everybody think about when talking about Dubai.. But, be aware, it's even bigger than you expect!!! hahaha

The shopping malls are so big that you can spend a week inside and you still haven't been everywhere!
The "Dubai Mall" (not picture above, this is Emirates Mall) is as big as 59 football fields!!! I told you! It's BIG!

In the "Dubai Mall" you can find an aquarium and underwater zoo, where you can even scuba dive! 

For the non-diver you can still have a feel about being underwater, by crossing the tunnel.

You find many different shops, restaurants, cafes and so on…An entire "inside city".

Even an "inside souk"

After spending so much time inside, we thought it was time to see the sun. After all, we were in Dubai, it was 25C° and we were still white as milk.

Even when the country is muslim,  it is still possible to be in a bikini and swim on Dubai beaches. Be aware that there is a few men here who only want to take pictures of you (secretly) with their phones. 

After our morning on the beach we went on a desert safari

Much fun taking pictures of the camels, while enjoying the sunset.

This evening activity, sand boarding!!! :)

After a great day in nature, back to the city. We had a couple of days left and more activities to do.

Here is the view from the world tallest building. Burj Khalifa. 

View from a restaurant near the fountain. The famous Burj Khalifa.

And dinner in that same restaurant.

The next day the luxurious life continued, with a lunch on the 52th floor at the Observatory ! View over "The Palm Island" and the best food we had in Dubai.

Desert please ;)

For our last day, we acclimated for our return to Norway by skiing in "Emirates Mall". Freezing!!! hahah


Our favorite restaurant in town was this "local" Pakistani restaurant. Ravi's, located in Satwa district. It is the most popular place for local workers and you can fill your stomach with delicious butter chicken for only 8 dollars.

If you have more questions about our trip or names of tour companies the safari, please feel free to contact us!

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